8757C House of Science Worlds reveal - Research division 2019

Hello this is my first time creating a reveal video and this was filmed and edited by myself in a day, I wanted to make it to get our not very well known number out there and to give a bit of a pre-introduction to people in our alliance of what we can do.
The robot was designed and built over the past few weeks after we got our V5 set near the end of February after we qualified to worlds through skills and the Virtual worlds online challenge in which we came first. This robot was a major improvement over our nationals bot with a double catapult/hyukapult, a faster intake, better parking speed, faster loading of the catapult and more consistent cap flipping capabilities.

The specs are:
1m 20 RPM Double Catapult (Hyukapult)
1m 500 RPM Roller intake
1m 33.3 RPM cap flipper
1m 40 RPM descorer
4m 200 RPM gear linked drive.

Im happy to answer any questions and i hope you
Enjoy and ill see you at worlds.


Very nice reveal, can’t wait to see this beauty at your pits at worlds.

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I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but is a hyukapult just a double catapult?

Awesome robot, the side park and platform pusher are super clean and your driving looks solid.

See you at worlds :slight_smile:

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A hyukapult is a double catapult tuned so that both balls have the top of their arcs at the height of their respective flags this means that you have a large range of positions to double shot from. In our case we be anywhere withing a 6 foot range starting at the front of the front starting tile and still get our double shots.


Okay, thanks, that makes more sense now.

I am sorry… but I just refused to use that term hyukpult.
It is just a 2bc… and even our 1st generation 2bc had been throwing from far.

Let’s not encourage unnecessary naming of mechanisms, it will confused ppl.
Don’t wish to see a Danny lift situation.

Anyway… great rebuilt Into v5 version, especially in such a short time span.


You don’t have to use that term. It’s up to you. However many people constantly engaged with current robots and are active on discord/YouTube understand what a hyukapult means. Regardless of you accept the term or not , @spartanshl was the first creator of a long range catapult that had infinite positions between a set range. I am also very confident to say your catapults may have been able to shoot “long range” for your standards (your robot backed up against platform according to your reveal) but never could it have multiple shooting positions within a set range. But like I said your diction is whatever you accept.


Congratulations on the job, it’s a great production!
Good luck in the world tournament!


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Don’t want to start an all out war on this, but I too prefer not to use terms like “goliath” intake, “danny” lift, “bling” drive or anything of the sort. I feel like it is much better for exchange of information if people instead call subsystems by using more technical terms. Doesn’t matter if these names are widely used or not, I don’t like em.

I’m with @meng on this one.


The term Hyukapult has been used to differentiate between normal two ball catapults and two ball catapults tuned in a specific way. I just used it because many people understand what it is and it provided a way to give more detail into the catapults capabilities. It’s fine if you don’t want to call them Hyukapults I’m not forcing you.


Wow, this thread went away from the topic of the HoS reveal really fast.


I love your video, you did a good job both filming and editing. Your bot is phenomenal as well. I think that you could change the cap descorer so that it won’t flip the cap into your shooting port. I would use a passive descorer similar to mine because it would fling the cap over your robot. it works by having a second bar closer to the pivot point which rides the post, allowing the first bar to come behind the cap and fling the cap off. Nonetheless, great job :owl:


wow… I was really not expecting such a strong push-back or reaction.
Maybe my choice of words of “I refused to…” might have come across to strong. Sorry if you guys are offended.

First off - all 2bc will have by default at least 2 firing positions, so in that sense all 2bc will have multiple firing positions, no special tuning required for that to happen.
What was not shown doesn’t mean it was not happening. There are always reasons for deciding what and what not to show in reveals… agree? :slight_smile:

Now as for the issue of using of non-technical terms, it is really about facilitating communications. You might think that it is common in discord and youtube, but it is evidence that there are many fellow competitors that don’t understand this term that you are using. So I am not sure how “widely used” it really is… and just imagine how bad it will be during worlds?

And really… I can’t force anyone not to use any terms. Danny lift and goliath intake still exist… and I can’t even stop my students from using the term bling drive.

But i am bringing this up for your own benefit - so that you can communicate better with other teams that will not just be from discord or youtube-world. And during presentations or award judging of your robots, I am really not sure how many judges can understand the non-technical terms that you are using.

Maybe I am just being old school.
Or maybe you guys might appreciate better (about using proper terminologies) when you are in the universities writing your reports and thesis or when you are out at the workforce.
Or maybe it is just another indication that I am just being too old to be in the forum (I generally really dislike arguing with students).

Anyway, let’s not derail this thread… it should be about how good this robot is :slight_smile:
And btw, 8757 is not that unknown… we have always keep track of you guys :slight_smile:

I will definitely drop by the NZ pit area… hoping to catch some familiar faces over there.


I think this says it well. As scientists and engineers, we use specific terms that the industry recognizes. I am not saying people who feel they have invented or innovated should not have the joy of naming their creation, however, they should qualify it - “this is 8-32 screw with a triangular head that we call FooBar”. Note if this is an invention, publicly disclosing it probably removes some IP protections in different jurisdictions. Consult your local IP Law Firm for advice on how to proceed to protect your invention :slight_smile:

[edit - ironically I was listing to :

Not really about the topic of naming things…


Ah yes, the common FooBar, my favorite.

Sorry Meng didn’t mean to come accross as agressive I was just trying to explain the reason for using that term. I do agree with using technical terms. Just being around people who exclusively call these Hyukapults I have picked up a habit of calling these double catapults Hyukapults.


No worries… no hard feelings.

Really think your team will go far this year :slight_smile: