8771 Presents: The Fintake



I’m Steven from team 8771. Our season recently ended with the U.S. Open so we thought we would reveal the intake we used. Our robot was solid and did relatively well, but could have been even better with more consistent code and more time for tuning. However, I think our intake has a lot of potential so we decided to reveal it here. Enjoy!


We recently modified our passive intake to be occasionally active, allowing it to do preloads. The original video was meant for Seth’s friend in 6771x who came up with the original idea, moved on, and allowed us to reveal it.


Just a quick clarification too. What I mean when I say use thicker plexi is that teams I’ve talked to have actually used thinner plexi than they have to in order to reduce friction when pulling off of a stack.


quick question how’d you bend the plexi , Heatgun?


We actually just bent it into position. Heat guns are probably better, but ours was broken so we just folded it into place.


Any reason why you guys chose Plexi instead of polycarb. I think the polycarb would be stronger and more resistant to breaking.


he probably meant polycarb, because plexiglass is illegal and the words are semi-interchangeable


Can confirm 11.5 figure.


lost to 10 seed oof… sorry


Ben’s intake just got exposed.