88613B Tipping Point Final Season Reveal & Something I want to talk about

Well, what an unexpected ending for this season and for my retirement.

To be frankly, I’ve imagined so many scenes of becoming a champion in the competition by the time that I finished this unprecedentedly powerful guy.

But, thanks to the epidemic and the policies. It is these unforeseen circumstances ruined our last chance to participate in the competition.

I’ve devoted a massive amount of time since the season “Skyrise” and I’ve learnt a lot and gained so much precious memories throughout these years. I’d say that I can say farewell to VEX without feeling bad, but I sometimes will feel sorry for not being able to participate in a world championship.

This big guy, boasting a striking loading capacity of 3 mobiles goals simultaneously. We also equipped it with a transmission gearbox to shift from the mode of climbing to the mode of sprinting instantly. We also rendered it the function to shoot rings to the highest branch of the mobile goal with an amazing accuracy. I started to build it since September and I kept on optimizing it until our school told me that we are forced to give up possible opportunities to participate in the game due to the policies. I can say without doubt that this guy is the finest robot that I have ever made because it is so sophisticated and so powerful.

Besides the pandemic, there’s another reason that I will enter the college next year so I must cease my VEX career to prepare for my college entrance exam, which also deprived the chance to run prizes for me and for the team.

Hope everything can goes on well and say farewell to the final edition!


Wow that is a thing of beauty. Very, very nice build. Love the action, mogo and rings. And you had 4 cubic cm of space inside left over!

Need a disclaimer on the video that No Bears Were Hurt in the Creation of this Video.

Sorry that you won’t be at Worlds. Happy that VRC helped you along, good luck with your engineering education.


This is really one of the best engineered robot for this season.

Are you going to at least try for LRT worlds or the Asia Pacific Division?


This is amazing. Would you mind if I ask about the motor/piston configuration?


I second this, you would definitely have a clear shot at making it pretty far in either competition.


It’s a pretty incredible robot. Would like to know more abouts it’s motor and pneumatics distribution.

Sucks that you are retiring from Vex. I’ve done it for 7 years now and I’m getting tired but I gotta hit 10.

One question though. What was the point of cutting the flaps into triangles?


Thanks for your encouraging words, but we had stimulated the LRT, the result was not as great as we expected because our lift part is too slow than most of others

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And if we attend the Asia Pacific Division, we will ask to quarantine and we will be absent for school for a long time

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Which part is called triangles flaps in my robot ?
I am not a native speaker so I don‘t know how to say each part’s name specifically


I believe he is talking about the flaps on your intake, and is asking why you decided to cut them into triangles.


The original flaps are too hard to bend, and if the flaps are cut to triangles, it will offer a smooth intake effect


I really like this robot, lots of very good engineering happening, it sucks that you won’t be able to use it at worlds.


Yeah, this robot is one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen all season long. I would’ve loved to have seen you in action at worlds but it sucks that given the global circumstances that won’t be possible. Good luck on your future endeavors in college and beyond!


I see. It’s an interesting concept, we might try it on our robot. Although we have a problem with the flaps not going deep enough into each ring so I’m not sure if this will work for us

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I’m late but wow. I love everything about this design. Teams get more ambitious now and it’s awesome to watch.


That looks great! Best of luck in college.