8899-Tesla Robotics State Championship Robot reveal

Hey folks! As promised, here is a reveal of the robot we took to State Championship several weeks ago!

This robot ended up drastically different from our initial design at the beginning of the season. The intake design seen on this robot (Competition Bot 2.5) actually ended up different from the one we were using from the beginning of this design (Competition Bot 2.0)


4 motor H-drive, 6 omni-wheels

4 motor Reverse Double 6-Bar

Passive one-cube intake hook

Passive Skyrise claw w/ mechanical guide

You can find images of our robot here:


What ultimately ended up as a very simple robot compared to most designs in Florida ended up winning Robot Skills at our State Championship, with 40 points(which is now the highest score in Florida, I believe). I’m ultimately glad we played it relatively safe for States, but now we’re eager to redesign our robot to perform even more efficiently at the World Championship!

You can also see several match videos we took at State Championship by visiting our Youtube channel!


Feel free to ask any questions about this design! I’ll be happy to answer them.](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavq7F3lh9SB83im36G8Z_w)

Haha I have been expecting this for a long time, Kyle.

Just realized that this lift is really really tall. Proper spacing in central section and extended bar makes this design very sweet.

Just to point it out, H drive has very specific meaning on this forum. It means a drive like yours with hoirzontal omni wheels in the center for strafing.

Hope to see you guys at worlds.

Yeah, I guess I misused the term “H-drive”. Thanks for letting me know.


Great design, and great job on your driver skills score! What gear ratio did you use on that arm?
Good luck at worlds!

Just wondering, why not slam two more motors onto the lift as you guys are considering an upgrade on lift? 4 motor drive and 6 motor lift seems a nice combo.

Thanks so much! We were using a 1:21 gear ratio on the arm, with the intent of lifting much more cubes, but we never had the time to implement more cube capacity.

We’re still thinking about whether or not to more motors to our lift. We’re not entirely certain if we need 6 motors yet, but we’ll be evaluating it in the coming days.