8899: Tesla Robotics World Championship Robot Reveal

Hey folks! Well, the World Championship is drawing near, and it’s time to present our robot: Tesla Competition Robot 3.0: Scorpion!

4 torque-motor drive, geared 1:1.4
4 motor Reverse Double Six Bar, geared 1:15
Passive 2-cube needle intake, capable of intaking a cube at any orientation
Passive Skyrise Intake

I would say the most important aspect of our robot is the passive 2 cube needle intake. We’re now able to do what most needle intakes do, and without pneumatics. That means one less thing that can go wrong on the intake, since there are no electronic components to worry about.

The main feature we’ve been trying to perfect is cube efficiency. Without a doubt, the posts will make a serious difference at Worlds, and being able to effectively dominate the perimeter posts while the skyrise is being built will be vital to success.

We also have the ability to build 7 skyrises.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

That intake is very impressive. One of the teams at my school was trying to build something like that earlier, but they ended up going with a conveyor belt intake.

What caused you to use a 1:1.4 gearing, as opposed to using the high speed internal gearing on the motors?

In past seasons, we experienced serious issues with our drivetrain overheating, disabling our abilities in a match. We found the internal speed gearing was far too unreliable for our needs, and determined that the problem was at the source. Having the torque gearing ensured that our motors would not overheat as often, and then we could speed up the drivetrain through external gearing. It’s worked really well for us so far this season.