8931F Firewall Mid-Season Reveal

8931F Firewall proudly presents to you their 2020-2021 VRC robot Proxy.

Specifications are as follows:
4x 200 RPM X-Drive
2x 600 RPM Intakes
1x 200 RPM (lower back) & 600 RPM drums
2x Vision sensors
2x Line sensors
2x Rotation sensors
1x Distance sensor
1x Inertial
1x Optic sensor

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Nice! I might consider making the hood a little less floppy, might improve consistency with shots.

We are considering it on. Thanks

Cool bot, but I think your indexer and flywheel or “drums” as I think you called them could stand to be faster. It looks like your shots struggle to go far enough and the balls have to roll on the rim.


Why is your front row of indexers angled like that? My guess is that the point is to put the top roller as close to the goal as possible? It looks pretty jank too, and it is just confusing me all around

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if your rollers happen to line up in a way that an angled tower will connect them all, there’s no good reason not to have a tilted tower like that. if you secure it right it won’t be jank.


I agree it looks jank, but in their defense, if it works it works. And if it works well enough, you could lose to it in a match.



In a working progress

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Just zip tie the band to the frame ezpz.

2 people have released crooked tower reveals. At least it’s not a canti x-drive. Also can you show me a close up of the joint so I can see how you keep it at that angle? Depending on how it’s mounted it could be fine-ish-kinda-not-really.

Imagine my disappointment when team 8931F Firewall releases a robot, and it’s not a wallbot engulfed in flames.


Imagine my disappointment when team 8931F Firewall releases a robot, and the video isn’t blocked.

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I second this. My team has had great success with making our top roller spin stupidly fast to literally shoot balls in. Our roller spins at 3600 RPM and we never have issues getting balls in (A backboard attached to your robot really helps here)

Our indexers are attached like that for simplicity to mount them onto the front drum system. And yes, the front section is to get as close to the goal as possible. Our securing system is quite tight and does not move. It looks a tad weird, I’ll give you that, but it works pretty reliably.

And we will try playing around with the speeds. ok