900 MHz Wireless Setup

How do I get the Controller and Brain connected wirelessly?

First, make sure there is a Radio installed in both the Robot Brain and the VEX Controller. These are small modules that say “900 MHz” .

The following procedure, called Pairing, only need to be done once.

In order for the Robot Brain and Controller to communicate wirelessly, they must be paired together. Before pairing these devices together, a radio and battery must be installed into each of them. With both devices OFF, connect the Robot Brain to the Controller using the Tether Cable.

Turn the Robot Brain ON by pressing the Check button. The Controller will automatically link and pair to the Robot Brain. The Tether Icon will appear on the Robot Brain LCD screen.

Remove the Tether cable from Robot Brain and Controller. They are now communicating wirelessly as indicated by the Radio Bar icon on the LCD screen. The Robot Brain’s LED and the Controller’s Power/Link LED should be blinking green. Congratulations, your Robot Brain and Controller are now paired! If the Robot Brain and Controller are not linked (indicated by animated “Searching” icon), turn them both OFF and repeat the process.