900MHz modem to WIFI compatability

I would like to change the communication from the 900 MHz modem to wifi. If I have the serial to wifi module, could I use this module with the radio port or the program port or the TTL port of the FRC robot controller? If cannot, could I make a adapter which convert signal from RS422 to RS232 on radio port? Please suggest me, thank you very much.

Data to and from the Radio Port also has commands that are intermixed and proprietary, thus you can’t use that port. You can talk to the USER Processor through the Program Port which is at 232 levels on the FRC 2004 or later. You can also use the TTL Port which is at TTL levels and connects directly to a USER Processor serial port. If you can develop your system, WIFI, to talk to the PIC18F8520 USER Micro-Controller, you should be able to communicate to the User Processor although we can’t support this. Consult the Microchip data sheet for details on the 8520 serial ports.