9064x Worlds Reveal

Please take a quick moment to watch our worlds reveal. See you at worlds!


Just so you know, i belive you can only have black pneumatic tubing according to This q and a

See you at worlds!


I noticed that you have both a traction and omni wheel. What RPM are you running your drive at and do you have any problems with it in either driving or autonomous?

Thanks for telling us. We were under the impression that the color didn’t matter as long as it was the same tubing.


It’s a 200RPM drive. It doesn’t have any issues, we just have the standard so we can’t be pushed around.


This has been the case, until this season’s game manual. For some unknown reason, color matters now. Perhaps common sense will return to the game manual next year…


Surprised to see teams still running 4m drive. We were the only team in epa to worlds qual with 4m drive to my knowledge, and have since swapped to 6m. But hey, if it works, it works.

Yeah, we were gonna switch to 6m but we would have to do 1m lift and pnueumatic back clamp. We decided that since we haven’t really had issues with it we should just keep it.