9065C Reveal

Take a look at our mid-season reveal below!

Very nice

Robot looks great! Love your reveal too, cool feel to it.


Are you being sarcastic? Because this is a pretty darn good robot. It sure must take a lot of courage to trash talk anonymously, without putting your own designs into the public eye.

I’m not one to delude others if they are bad, but at least be constructive.

Naw idrc about the robot. The hand gestures were pretty cringe to me. If you don’t think so that’s fine.

Nice try buddy, I like your fighting spirit cuz that’s the only thing that’ll get you to worlds.

One finger snap a day keeps the doctor away.

@9065carleton Lul. Even you guys aren’t triggered yet. IDK why he decided to question me.

It’s not really the one post so much as the long history of rude and unnecessary comments. Then again, I feed trolls way too much, so I should probably just shut up.

Are you the and team that used to have the rubber band roller intake at the end of the chain bar? If so why did you change to a claw? We’ve been using the roller intake and have found it to work really well.

I gotchu

Please realize and support the environment that the VEX community put hard effort into. Your actions may have consequences in the future. For example, if you qualified for worlds, and 9065 qualified for worlds, in which you ended up in the same division as them, having a un-fruitful relationship with a team doesn’t help you or them. There is no benefit of pushing others down, so instead lift them up and support them. If they have any issues, do it in a respectful manner that clearly shows you’re trying to help them.

Great looking robot Parker! The trolling is unnecessary, we have already seen the result this situation through controversial topics in the past. As much as the VEX community appreciates sarcasm, the tolerance is only given to those who actually add useful information and/or good robots unlike you @eun.

Yes we did previously have a rubber band intake and chain bar combo and switched to the 4 bar and claw. The main thing we didn’t like was the chain bar since it was fairly hard to control and the rubber band intake motor tended to stall. We most likely will try/switch back to a rubber band intake; our implementation of it was not very good.

Really cool bot. It was kind of hard to tell with all the jump cuts and slow-mo (lol), but how fast is your chassis and lift? It looks like a 1:7 lift ratio, but it seems a lot faster than ours. How many motors on there?

We originally had a reverse 4 bar, Kind of like that, but it wasn’t working so we switched to a chain bar, How do people do stuff like this!?!

Really like the improvements you all have made to the bot since NW. It was amazing how good you all were without having any autos at all, and then what you all did for finals match 3 was World Class. I agree that if you can get the rubber band rollers to not stall it would probably make life much easier. Really looking forward to the 9th for seeing you all and the “new” 7232 squad, it should be a fun event.

We have 6 motor high speed drive with 4 inch wheels and our lift is 2 motor torque with a 1:7 ratio.

I would recommend taking a look at the 315X Reveal and switching your lift motors to high speed like they did, just as a slight improvement. Also, I’ve found a top gripping claw to be more effective so you don’t have to lift back over the cone after dropping it off. Your robot is GREAT, though, much better than mine right now.

+1 for song choice.