9065C || Thomas Jefferson Highlights feat. 8675A and 2501J

Watch the tournament highlight below!

9065C || Thomas Jefferson VEX Tournament Highlights

Overall we had a great time at the tournament, going 4-4 in qualifiers due to our auton tipping our robot twice and having to sit out 2 matches due to corrupted code. We were chosen for the 1st seed alliance along with 8675A and 2501J and proceeded to go undefeated.

Love the video! Had a great time working with you and being in the highlights. Can not wait to work with you again.

Nice to see two beasts destroy everyone.

Wait… No PID…

xD 8675A’s four bar

Lit video guys! Three beasts wrecking

lmao how did you guess tip over like that? Did parts of your drive cut out?

For whatever reason when our drive would start at the beginning of autonomous, it would jump to the right causing the alignment to mess up and bring the mogo lift out on top of a cone and making the drive push the robot further into the air to the point of tipping.

ohh dang… only in auton?

Well I believe it’s whenever the drive goes from 0 to 127 power, but after the initial jerk it drives fine. Just some fine tuning mechanically and in programming and it should run fine.

hmm, weird…

It might be slop. Every time we line up auton, we push the robot forwards an extra inch so the wheels start with all the slop eliminated and in the same exact position.

The rubber band on that side fell off in that match. when both are on it goes up smoothly, just look at our YouTube videos.

That’s pretty good! Hopefully I see some of these high level teams at the CREATE US open, if we go.

What made you guys (8675A) decide to go with the roller intake instead of the claw?

@Avery_8675A ^^^

The link posted below is a thread for roller vs claw
Not a specific reason for why 8675 changed it but, kind of has some useful information that you may want to consider before choosing. I agree with @NightsRosario some it kind of has to do with personal preference, rollers are better for preloads since they have a lower margin of error. Lining up with the top of the cone is easier that with its side.

We want to know their specific reasoning.


Especially since, if I remember correctly, they were using a claw earlier in the season, during their reveal with Knight Shift.

That’s right, and they did really well with it. I just don’t know why they changed, not that it was a bad choice.

Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 also used a chain bar as a secondary lift, but they are now using a chain bar.