9065C Troy Winter Classic Highlights

Check out our highlights from the Troy Winter Classic!

nice robot

Why is that top 4 bar so slow?

We had a 1:5 gear ratio on the 4 bar, but after the tournament changed it to a 1:3.

7700, 6007, and many others use 1:1 turbo on their top 4 bar. They can get away with this due to having a very light passive intake. I’ve pm’d you and Parker some good passive intake leeks


I’d like some some good passive intake Christmas leeks recipes, too.

shameless plug?
Good robot btw. It looks really consistent. And nice editing as always :stuck_out_tongue:

working on it.

Great job! That’s a great bot. It would take me forever to build that level of a bot.

Your videos are always great to watch! I really like how you place your mobile goal onto its own platform instead of holding it in the lift.

o boye, can i get in on these leeks?

Same, though I doubt we will. It seems sometimes leeks of this caliber are for only the best teams :frowning:

I’d love to see some good leeks right about now…

How did you guys make the standoff 4 bar? Did you just cut screws?

Seems like somebody doesn’t know what he’s talking about… :confused:

@9065C_Wes Great Robot! Can’t wait to go up against you guys at TJ.

I’ve got some HD leeks for you

If anyone wants to send me leeks they can.