9065S Pre-Season Reveal

Here is our Pre-Season robot reveal, feel free to give any feedback. Thanks!

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A pretty dope looking robot. Great job. Only think that seems sketchy was the 1 pneumatic piston hang. I dont exactly know how your are hanging, but putting all the robot’s weight on 1 piston seems a little sketchy to me personally. Other than that, really great robot reveal and nice editing.

It’s 1 piston to shoot out the bar that the robot hangs from; it uses the 6 lift motors to actually hang.

@Duke4221c @mwang17 That is correct, the piston is only used to shoot the bar out, which transfers the weight of the robot via a hinge to the pole. There is no weight transfer directly on the piston. Also thanks for compliments!

Nice robot & reveal!! :smiley:

What internals do have on your base?

They are internally geared for torque. I’ve considered switching drive base design or internal gearing to increase the speed of the bot, but I fear I’ll miss the ability to crab.

With a heavily used pneumatic claw, do you have trouble making sure it works for the length of the entire match?

You should see if speed works, I used speed internals last year on my holonomic base without any problem.

How heavy was your base?

At first that was definitely a concern. However after running many matches I have yet to experience any major issues with the decrease in air pressure over the course of a match.

Really amazing robot…
Could you post a close up picture of your claw?
Also, how many presses does the piston use; like have you had any problems with it running out of air during a match?

That’s some slick robot design right there, the only thing I’m wondering about is the general handling of the bot, and out of curiosity, how long it took you to go from Step 0 to this. Overall a fantastic bot though, as it seems!

The answer to your question is literally the post right above yours.

No? I’m asking about how many presses it lasts as in how many times it can close and open during a match. The answer would be a number such as 10.

This part of the question was answered in the post above yours.

If I recall correct, a fully charged pneumatic reservoir has +/- 45 working strokes from 100 psi-25 psi. That can be increased by using a pressure regulator and optimized by shortening the tubing from the solenoid to the piston. It looks like he has two double action pistons so each grab would take 4 strokes. If he had a problem he could convert the double action piston to a single action piston using elastics and double his number of grabs. While there would not be much margin for error on the double action, once every 5 seconds is more than doable with two reservoirs.

What did you use to open and close the claw?

They(our sister team) used pneumatics to open and close the claw, and no they did not have problems with running out of air, even though they didnt use a pressure regulator. @VexTRex