9090C T-VEX Teaser


Because our last competition before the World Competition is next week (Austin, TX), here are some teaser photos for what I like to call our “transforming asymmetrical _______”, which our team has been working on since October.

note: These pictures were taken with an Ipod touch camera…



Any Guesses? I will tell you that this mechanism is powered by 1 393 motor.](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32085692/Robotics/Sack%20Attack%20February%20Build%20Teaser/2013-02-23%2014.55.36.jpg)

Look’s like the gear for the scissor lift if it’s the same bot you had in Lake Highlands in January. As I recall it was actually in the middle of the assembly.

Good luck in Austin by the way, we will be in Lawton. We just finished up at the Galveston tournament.

I guess since we won’t be in Austin this coming weekend we will have to wait until World to see it :smiley:

Nice Guess :smiley:
It is in fact the middle gear of our scissor lift, though with one important difference. I may have practiced a little too much these past couple of weeks, and… well, one of the bars snapped.(If you look at the picture… we cut holes in the c-channel to slide the large gear in, it’s supposed to from an “X”) It has lasted us almost all season though, but now we’re going to build another scissor lift so unless I do something crazy and/or stupid it’ll be perfectly fine for world. We’re actually pretty lucky it snapped before Austin…

Congrats on the Innovate Award!