917M Change Up Worlds 2021 Reveal

917M presents our final robot ever:

See you at Worlds, Kalahari, and Pacific.

4m 3:7 600rpm x-drive
2m 2:3 600rpm intakes
2m 7:3 600rpm shooter
3:2 1400rpm top roller


First of all, sick reveal and robot. Second of all:

what is this

Anyway, good job!

Great robot and reveal! I’m sorry that my team won’t go to Kalahari to compete with that beast.

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since I’m not in VRC, I wanted to ask if there is ball carry limit.

In a regular competition, yes. In LRT, no.

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Great bot and quality video!


Those appear to be 4" omnis, in which case that has speed equivalent to a ~363 rpm 4" tank drive. I assume the drive was built with LRT or LRS in mind? it doesn’t seem like it would do too well against defense.

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I mean there are extremely competitive in-person robots with even faster drives than that. when u go that fast evading defense is gonna occur more often than pushing back defense


Are the wheels 4 in? Last time I checked, the 84t gears are larger than the 3.25 in wheel.

Thanks! The x-drive is 3:7 on the blue 600 cartridges, so 257 rpm.


Thank you for the kind words. Kalahari will be a very fun competition.


The robot was actually build with matches in mind, we haven’t competed in any LRS or LRT tournaments until worlds.

The benefits of an x-drive in autonomous and match play is endless as it gives us the ability to maneuver around the field in any direction, so we’ve never encountered that problem, even under heavy defense. Definitely something to keep in mind and practice against, though.