9181W Vex Change Up Winter Reveal

9181W Proudly Presents Our Vex Change Up Winter Reveal


now that is pretty speedy.

Mecanums OP!
Honestly really surprised you got that gear ratio to work with them. Do they have any stalling issues?


Oh nice! I love the portable backboard you guys have on the robot!

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No not really, they really only start stalling after 7 straight minutes of driving.

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Rip, is driver practice a pain then?

Okay, that’s not that bad. Must be a light bot with little friction.
Love the bot, honestly my favorite so far, Great job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks man, I appreciate it

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Nah not really when it heats up it just can’t strafe so I just do some driver skills without strafing lmao

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It’s weird to see a reveal of a robot you see everyday and take it for granted, but you guys have truly done an awesome job.

Poopers r bettr lul