9181x Change Up (Yes, Change Up) Explanation

Hi everyone, I made this video shortly after worlds but just never got around to uploading it.

It has a really cool mechanism that was pretty much the brain child I had in September. I can’t use it anymore now that I’ve aged out, but I hope this gives you some new ideas!

I might’ve said um once or twice, I’m not a public speaker xD


Cool mech. I always jump to double ratchet for this type of motor sharing, but your solution is a cleaner way to do it with the pieces we’re given. The functionalities aren’t exactly the same since the second function must always receive power in your setup, but if that’s not a design criteria issue this definitely works better.

Now that I think about it if the row of 36t’s was vertical instead of horizontal, the functionalities would be exactly the same as a doubt ratchet. Pretty cool.

Thanks for sharing!