9185 Autonomous Reveal

This video shows our autonomous for the post side. It scores 11 points with 4 cubes, 1 on low, 1 on medium, and 2 on the last low post.

As the video said, we are working on a stable version that’s within the time limit.

The robot reveal should be coming some time (:o) before worlds.

Look’s really well built, this is nice because there is a high demand for good cube scoring bots. Your lift looks really stable and your drive is quick.

Thank you.

I had always thought that the X-Drive was slower than using mecanum H-Drive, but after reading this, I realized that (theoretically) it is √2 times quicker. However, with lots of weight on the wheels, I think the low torque driving ends up making Xs go about the same speed as Hs.

A few practice runs might be uploaded soon to our channel.