918A Panther Bots at Nevada Winter Regional

We are from Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Here are the specs for our robot.

6 393 motors on High Speed
Direct/chain drive
1 393 motor on Torque mode for strafing
Reverse Double 4-bar
2 393 motors
Geared at 1:5 for torque
Lifts 5 sacks
Reaches all goals (sort of)
Reaches 30 in. in less than a second
Starts at 15 in.
Wheel Legs
1 393 motor
Picks up very fast
Folds up
Descores in all goals
Pneumatic quick release

We’re the ones in the suits :smiley:

At the competition, we ranked 3rd by the end of the qualifications. We passed through the quarterfinals and semifinals and made it to the finals. We lost to the 1st seed team (4815A) due to us tipping in both matches. Our team was able to still escape with the Excellence Award which qualified us for Worlds. Thank you to 64B and 7503 for excellent alliance partners in the eliminations.

Feel free to give suggestions on how to improve the robot (especially the tipping).

Lower chasis stops tipping.
Also we think Brandon programmed it to tip.

That’s a really impressive lift you guys have. It’s really quick for being geared 1:5. As for the tipping, our team found that putting c-channel on our drive train that extends as far as it could outwards, and as close to the ground as possible really helped with our tipping problems.

Why’d you guys do a double four bar? We got more than enough lift out of a standard chain lift :S

We’ll be seeing you guys at our home competition on february 16, right?

YES, we will compete with you at Fountain Hills. We use the double reverse 4-bar so we can hit the high goal and go under the trough. It has a linearish lift which is helpful, and it looks cool :D.

We are going to change some stuff with this robot before the comp.

We tried doing the thing with the c channel, but it kept getting caught up on sacks as we drove over them. We think that we can program an accelerometer to detect when we begin to tip, and automatically back up to balance us.

Just don’t drive over sacks. Stop and pick them up.

Looks awesome.:smiley:

Any pics?

Nice robot!
Can you please post some pics?

Hmmm. I have to ask my team first. We sort of already disassembled it a bit, but good thing you said that before we took off the whole arm :D. I’ll see…

Brandon still has the picture of our 3 robots for when he finally gets around to posting the Las Vegas reveal. Or he just wants to copy my robot.

True, but I think Lenny_PR wants some closeups.

Amazing Reveal. Thanks so much for sharing.