91A - Signature Event Teaser


Hey everyone, team 91A will be attending the Virginia Signature Event! Here’s a video of our unofficial practice skills run. We ran a similar path at our last event and scored 28 with 5 seconds to spare.

We’ll try our best to answer your questions. If you want to get into contact with us, message us on instagram (linked in my signature).

Good luck this season, and we look forward to seeing all the teams who are attending!


That’s pretty fast! Loving that secondary way to grab balls from caps, pretty neat idea.


thats extremely fast! almost the max points you can get from skills, youd just need to get the caps on the posts in less than a minute haha


What a really cool route! I’d be stoked to see someone do high caps though, unfortunately I don’t think it’ll ever happen because of the little improvement in pole alignment technology. Great run though


Which signature event are you going to?


Night at the Museum



We are working on that right now! Hopefully in time for the big event.

We are going to the “Night in the Museum” Signature Event in Virginia, from Jan. 25-26.