929U Robot CAD and photos

Hello, the Robot used for the past 3 tournaments and the one in our Fall reveal is going into retirement. We thought that we would share this design with everyone to see in closer detail some of the features of this robot. So far this robot has gone 38-0 and won tournament champ at all 3 events it competed at as well as 2 Excellence awards and 1 Skills award.


Edit: Sorry if the CAD is a little weird. The parts i downloaded did not have recognizable material types to inventor.

Elevator 2.PNG.jpg
Bottome of lift.PNG
full robot.PNG.jpg

What’s the difference between this and your old elevator?

The old elevator was never actually brought to a competition. It had friction and bending issues. This was designed right after the reveal was made because the problems were discovered shorty after its release. This one is stronger, more stable, and slides much better.

So are you going to continue with the linear slide robots, or are you going to build a DR4B like everyone else?

neither :slight_smile:

Ah. I am excited to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

I was honestly super salty when the reveal came out for this bot, because it was pretty much the EXACT SAME thing I was building at the time. I was honestly really concerned that everyone was going to think I copied you all XD. Nevertheless, my new robot is kicking butt and I hope to compete against you all some day!

Great, just wait for all the following copies from your next build haha.

My teams robot is just like yours, but I have some questions about this design though.
On our robot we went with an elevator lift like your previous design, then I saw this and was like holy crap that’s pretty good, so we decide to upgrade our lift and we were wondering how long the 2 main sections of the lift are. I’m talking about the channel and then the part the actual lift is connected to.
Our team would greatly appreciate if you could help us with this.

As long as you need them to be in order to reach the height that you need

In all seriousness, if you are looking for exact dimensions of a robot, then you are kind of missing the point of VEX. Test out different lengths and see what works best for you.

Side Note: I know that Zach would be nice enough to actually tell you the dimensions, so that’s why I’m trying to post this before he sees

@NightsRosario I know that he would be nice enough to, but i wanted the dimensions because our team is low on resources and we used our last 4 full length 1-2-1 C channels to build this new lift.

Fantastic work on the cad models, my team tried something like this but never quite got it to work, but I’m really glad to see that you got it to work (quite well actually).

Hey, thanks for the complements. The bars on the elevators are 33 holes tall. Hope it works out for you guys.

Thanks! Elevators take a lot of time to get working, but they are nice once they do work.

Good points, its fine though. This isnt any secret (considering there is a CAD model right above :wink: )

Oh no, Zach929U is going to get mad at you for revealing your CAD. lmao :slight_smile:

@Zach929Y thanks for the help, our robot goes up and down a lot smoother and no longer bends