929U Turning Point Fall Reveal


Wow, looks amazing. Love the flipping of caps right onto the platform. Brilliant strategy. Also great shooting. Overall, great job! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

How many motors are on that flywheel? Cause dang is it fast

Very impressive for so early in the season!

Reveal too dark please crank the brightness up to 110% so I can holecount appreciate the robot better.

Very impressive! I see you’re using the same mechanism for intaking the balls and flipping the caps.

At 0:00 for like half a second I thought that was your actual turning point bot :slight_smile:
On a side note, better than that Blitz Alliance reveal that was similar
On a side side note, can you get on the platforms with that ball intake being in the way, or backwards maybe?

Rest in peace Maryland teams, you have met your match.

Reveal looks absolutely sick!

This is insane! Probably one of the best shooting bots so far this season.
Just a quick question, what is that on your flywheel? I couldn’t tell if its rubber bands or tape.

Well since tape isn’t allowed, they must be rubber bands.

Will do

Black and Blue rubber bands.


Only 13?

Too hot, pls nerf.

I don’t think they can get on the platform. I think theyre a strictly ball/cap descorer bot

But the being able to push caps onto the platforms will be big. I’ve watched a couple tournaments and too often when there are caps on the platforms it gets a lot harder for a robot to be fully parked on them.
EDIT: Essentially they can’t park very well, but they can block the other team from parking.

sorry 13.1437

How to you get 0.1437 motors :stuck_out_tongue:

You half-cut the half-cut motors of course

you use 269’s and metal washers.