929U Vex In The Zone Fall Reveal


4 Motor HS Drive
2 Motor Mogo Intake
2 Motor Elevator
2 Motor Chainbar
1 Motor Claw

Nice! Looks very clean. Also, I liked the tone of your video

Hi! Love the robot - whats the max stack height for this (great to see a non - RD4B idea too)? Thanks in advance,


Great reveal, guys. Intrigued by the linear lift and chain bar - how did you set about doing it?
(P.S. Cinematics on point)



Thanks! The robot can stack 9 high.

We wanted to make an elevator without the steel sliders because the weight and friction they create. The chainbar is just a 2 motor 3:5 chain bar, nothing really special. :slight_smile:

@Zach929Y thanks - good luck for the season!

beast robot

Good Design

Love the lift system for the mobile goals and the claw used to stack the cones! Very nice overall!!

Can you post close up pics of the lift, I am interested to see how you made it to compact

here is a bright version of the reveal…

Das a gud robot

Nice bot. I especially like the 12"-long chassis.

I like how compact it is.



hello VEX 929U Team,
I am part of a team in Memphis. This is our first year doing VEX. I have questions on the lifting mechanism of your robot. What are the motors used to lift the cones and are the parts aluminum? and also how does the lifting mechanism work of the cones. And how high can it stack on the high goals? Thanks and can you post detailed pictures on the lifting mechanism and explain please. We are a middle school team and we are first timers at this.
Thank You,

oh by the way, your packaging and size of the robot is incredible. it is compact, fast, and really amazing.
I am also new to this forum by the way.

Hi, the lifting mechanism, an elevator, uses 2 high speed motors geared 1:1 on 12 tooth sprockets. The chain bar, which is that part that swings around, uses 2 torque motors geared 3:5 for torque. The claw is 1 torque motor geared 1:1. We can stack ~3 on the stationary goals. The lifting mechanism is much like the one on a fork lift and is called an elevator. I am glad that you like the robot :slight_smile:


That is an amazing robot. That’s actually very similar to what I was planning for our first bot, but yours is better because I tried to have a separate elevator on each side (too heavy). I also like that people are thinking out of the DR4B box.

Edit: It looks to me like you didn’t use the vex linear slide kit. If not, did you just use lots of rollers to reduce friction? It also looks to me like the rubber bands are pulling the lift down?? Am I looking at the picture wrong?

How long is your base side ways?