929U Worlds Reveal 2019

Making this post a bit late, forgot to last night.

Enjoy and see you at worlds.

4M 240RPM drive
1M 200RPM puncher
1M 600RPM angle changer
1M 100RPM scraper
1M 600RPM intake




Loved this video, that puncher is one of the fastest I’ve seen! Also gotta say, proud to see flaps on one of the best teams in the world.
Best of luck



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While your bot is remarkable the thing that gets me is the driving. How does your driver practice when improvements are being made to your robot? Are those pieces of tape on the floor intended for driving practice?


Great robot. I’ve been a fan for awhile of the 929 program. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a Division Champion title this year.

Loving the intake flaps. Reminds me of a (very bad) double-flywheel intake I had so long ago. Conveyor belt OP.

That’s some insane driver skill right there. Can we expect the same speed and accuracy in match play at Worlds?


Thank you! We have not made any major modifications to the robot since January so it’s just months of driver practice with the same robot. The painters tape is for autons so we can measure distances and visualize paths better.


In matches it should look similar but other factors such as defense and ball scarcity will come into play frequently.


The last time I used painters tape on the tiles, it got stuck onto the tiles and I had to pick it off centimeter by centimeter. Did you use painters tape last season? Did you have that problem as well?

Ill just be crossing my fingers I’m not in your division.

Edit: Phew

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929U did win Science division last year :smiley:

I agree, it’s a nice robot. Thank you Zach, very cool.


You know… I ctrl+f in my division’s PDF and saw your team number.
I’ll be revealing a couple days before worlds :smile:


Sometimes it gets annoying but we have used it the past 2 years and haven’t had too much trouble getting it off.


There is soo much more you can do with v5

  • my club as a lot of restrictions and we only get a couple hours a week

I see. We’ve been doing a whole new robot every competition…


Yeah, my team competed against 929U all year, every competition, we got to watch them practice at states, it was just incredible. The reason they can shoot so fast is because they have a vision sensor to help with double shots, that’s why they can shoot from anywhere on the field.

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We don’t use vision sensor because we found in different environments it got inaccurate, I hear some other teams are currently in the works of making some cool setups


This is godly.

Inb4 Pigpen and 929U win their div.

+1. Unless you have some crazy filtering code like 7842F the vision sensor will be innacurate with tracking and will never be used to its full potential.


I don’t know how other teams managed it but for us at the very least we could only manage to get the vision sensor to work within 2-3 tiles of the flags; any farther back and the low quality/low resolution of it just wouldn’t get it to work out.

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