929U Worlds Reveal 2019

how many rubber bands on the puncher though? You seemed to have 4 but isn’t 4 too weak?

4 rubber bands with a decent amount of pullback can easily shoot cross court

Do you use a distance sensor or some other method? or do you just manually adjust it?

Your robot is stupid good, for sure one of the best in the world. I’m curious though, what made you go with the 240 rpm drive? I know it makes you faster but I’d be pretty hesitant to use it in such a defense heavy game. I think pigpen does that too, and I noticed that while they were probably the best team at the U.S. open, it seemed like they really had to avoid contact.


If that’s what 929U’s driver can do with their robot, I wonder what they can do with a clawbot???

Someone with a partial field please invite them to come try a Clawbot Skills run and see how fast they can get a “perfect” (for a clawbot) score.

Pigpen and 574 both use 250RPM drives, we decided to gear up because it doesn’t really effect how well we can play defense and actually allows us to play it faster (meaning we can get to their robots faster) then most teams.

Another big reason is significantly more time is spent collecting balls then actually scoring so speeding up the drive helps with that.


We use macros with a preset angle. Since the lower angle is very close to horizontal is has an extremely large fire range.


I can attest that 250ish rpm still has plenty of torque for defense. We have been 257 (600 * 3/7) for most of the season and play very heavy defense. We have never burnt out

Congratulations on the job, it’s a great production!
Good luck in the world tournament!

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@Zach_929U do you drive tank or arcade?

@Zach_929U what is the ratio you use on your drive to get 240 rpm

Probably 7:3 100rpm to get to 233.33rpm

It’s actually 18:15 200rpm

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What Dino said is correct, 18T sprocket to 15T sprocket.

@InsertString I drive tank.


@Zach_929U where do you get 15 tooth sprockets? Vex does not sell them. Please send a link to where you purchased them

I think he meant 18T to 12T.

They are the grey sprockets in this, we shaved off the sides to make them as thin as normal sprockets and added lock bars to them.


This thing was OP <3