929U Worlds Reveal

6M High Speed 4" Wheel Drive
1M 1:5 Mogo lift
2M 1:5 Dr4-6b
2M Turbo1:3
1M High Speed Roller Intake

See you guys at worlds :slight_smile:

does your stack wiggle a lot when your four bar goes back and forth and you’re carrying 10+ cones? Cuz ours does and we can’t figure out why.

@Joshua_84927A Make sure your mobile goal is supported well. If its still wobbling try taking weight out of the lift and the 2nd 4 Bar or chain bar.

Would you like to trade robots? I’ll throw in a half eaten burnt corn dog

Do you guys use automated stacking at all? look super fast nice robot!

Nice robot! How high can you guys stack?

Woah, is that lift hs or torque.

We will considers it.

We use macros for certain things but no it’s not automated.

14 cones.

Torque 1:5.

Very solid. Lift is impressive, especially on 2 motors.

Solid robot.

Very impressive! Question: Why are your two motors on the top? Wouldn’t it make sense to keep them lower so your not lifting as much weight as high or is there something I’m missing?

If the motors are on the midsection already, it does not matter where they are placed, because the change and height and, therefore, work done by the motors is the same. The only advantage to mounting the motors lower on the midsection is to lower center of mass.

Yup, @Bryan R is correct. There is no special reason we did it and the center of mass isn’t really effected so that’s just where they ended up.

Good luck bb, make me proud :wink: