929U Worlds Robot photos

Shamelsss self promotion but if anyone wanted a closer look at our worlds robot, here ya go :slight_smile:


Zach929Y > Zach929U

Zach 929Y = mentor of 929U
Zach 929U = member of 929U

Nice looking machine! Congratulations on your outstanding season.

Just curious, why did you go with screw+flat bearing on the top 6-bar, as opposed to shoulder screws?

@Zach929Y so you’re a different Zach than the Zach on 929u. or am I being 200iq

I’m not Zach, but I would say it doesn’t really matter. His system already had a ridiculously low amount of slop. Also, just gonna say that that gearbox is goals.

Thank you!

Screw joints are infinity better than axles in almost every way: slop, friction, stability, etc. Wherever you can, use them. Shoulder screws are a decent alternative but bearings + screws are more stable and i would go as far to say that shoulder screws would have more friction but i cant back that up.


Yea the lift went through many stages of iteration to make it more stable and faster. We pushed those lift motors about as hard as we could, or so i thought until i saw Wings of Freedom lol.

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@Zach929Y Wings of Freedom is op

62A is more op… In some cases :slight_smile: