929Y Early season robot reveal

Here is us launching:

Here is the robot deploy:

Here is the robot High Hang:

Feel free to ask questions or use anything in the videos and i hope this helps someone. Thanks.

Hey, that’s an awesome robot! Nice job!
I have a couple questions, if you don’t mind;

  1. Can it shoot cubes? If not, are you hoping to make it work and how will you solve that problem?
  2. What’s the ratio of the drivetrain? I notice it does have a 6 motor drive, and it seems like it’s ‘geared’ for speed.
  3. What is the use of the pneumatics?

What are the number of motors that you are using for each system?

  1. No it can’t shoot cubes, we are swapping designs to something else (still not decided)… This robot was built very quickly to get qualified for states (Which we did).

  2. The drive has 6 torque motors (3 per side) that go to a 2:5 speed ratio to the wheels. It is very fun to drive and still has a lot of torque behind it so pretty optimal for a game like this.

  3. The pneumatics are used to hold down the launching arm while motors pull surgical tubing to tension the launcher than the “latch” releases when the piston extends throwing the star… Then the thing untensions and it it ready to launch again.

6 Chassis (drive)

2 Lift

2 Launcher

Any video from that tournament?

Only the 1st and 4th vid have us in them…We are on red.

Some matches of the competition this robot competed in.

Oh, that was silly of me. I was thinking it was a new tournament. I think I missed the catapult in those videos back when I first saw them, though.

We didn’t use it because we found it very ineffective compared to pushing during that event.