929Y Lenny V_2 reveal

929Y Lenny V_2 reveal:


4 motor 5:1 dumper

6 Motor Turbo 3:5 speed chassis

Thats it lol

Is that the same hanging mechanism?

I wonder if ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) would be willing to sell you his account :wink:

Has your robot competed in a competition yet ?

soon it will be… we built this over the summer…

oh no… our hanging mech is much better…

how long does it take you to align your bot to hang, and how fast is the hanging

also what was the reason you choose a dumper over a catapult, and great robot !! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

We decided dumper because we liked the simplicity and effectiveness… and we thought we could make it really fast, which we accomplished… while driving and trying we can get most if not everything into the far zone…

Have you experienced any problems with tipping? It seemed the drive base was a little small.

Do you have any more videos that you’re willing to share?
I’d like to see some proof to back up those claims. :stuck_out_tongue:
If so, when can we see them?

No… while driving it is impossible to tip unless something else tips it, but the robots force cannot tip it due to the anti tip bars.

Hmmm… We do have more videos… I will consult the team… i may upload some in a month regardless but we can probably release sooner.

@DRow I think it’s time to do some cleaning.

Keep it respectful guys.

lol, Sorry about that.

Wow, great robot!
Hope to see you guys at the DHS back to school bash?! Lol can’t see team list yet. Really jealous of your lift, hope to see it at the competition. Just wondering, if you are using your arm/ 4 bar linkage to lift, I am curious about your locking system. Also what do you plan to do with the extra devices. You thinking pneumatics or motors?

Yes we will be attending the back to school bash… Sorry, we do not wish to share much info on the lift… in fact we are modifying it now… extra devices may not be used…

Cool robot!

Do you mean that you reduced the speed of turbo motors with a 3:5 gear ratio? If so, can I ask why, since the resulting rpm would be a little slower than regular high speed motors? Did you need the extra torque in the drive?

no we sped it up more… sorry for the confusion

Well G freaking G. We will see you guys at a later competition (Probably. If we can get our act together, then maybe A will show up). We just got about 40 possible new members of our robotics team on Wednesday and our teacher wants us to get everyone settled for a while and give everyone a job before a competition.

Have you tried other gear ratios? You honestly might be able to make your robot faster, but I’m not sure. Try it out. 84t : 36t is around 1:2.3. What you have is around 1:1.6.