929Y Lenny V_2 reveal

Before the construction of this robot we had a chat about chassis speed with 929W, After driving there chassis around (which was the same gear ratio and speed as our current robot), we decided we wanted to do the same because it has a really good amount of torque while still being super fast…

Yeah but I think they said their drive is turbo so it is more like 1 : 3.84

doesn’t 3:5 with turbo motors burn out your motors, first i had 3:5 on my drive with torque, but just yesterday i tried it with speed motors and the drive will consonantly burn out, even though we are using 3.25 inch wheels

Hey 929Y… Out of curiosity, would you guys have picked 934Z had 24B not picked us. GG from the DHS back to school Bash.

Oh yeah… how were the designs looking? My first official competition of this school year will be the BMore Robotic Manufacturers Cup on the 9th .

All the designs were dumpers there were very few throwers. I will post a thread for that competition.

Ya… when 24 picked you we basically just looked for the only team that could play defence on the top of the fence… And 1727G was the only team really left that could…