934B Sack Attack Robot Reveal

this is the robot we will be competing with this year.
it has a 12 sack capacity max.
can score the high goal.
has a 4:3 ratio so it moves fast.
we have already qualified to goto worlds thanks to 24c.
if you have any questions or suggestions ill hope to be able to answer them.

Link doesn’t work.

i hope this works

Yup works.

nice work it looks similar to 323Z’s intake but it has a six bar so it (i’m guessing can both score in the high goal and go under the trough

we had come up with design at worlds but for a while we had strayed from this design until last weekend it was a simple pivoting arm. also instead of a sweeper intake it was a spatula flipper
and yes i can score high goal and go under trough

thus weekend we get to see how well our robot works hopefully we do well also i might get more photos and videos to post about our robot