9378D Robot 2.0 Reveal

Hello VexForums,

This is Wolfpack Robotics revealing our 2.0 robot. It was a very good robot, however the idea of not being able to descore or score in the 30in led to its deconstruction.

4 Omni Wheels
Chain Geared, 12:18 Speed with 4 HS Motors

Lift/Intake: Scooperish-dumper combo
Geared 5:1 Torque with 4 269 Motors
Helped with Elastic

Comment what you think!


I like the simplicity. Sometimes those are the best designs to build upon as level ground is best for a building. Over thinking your design in the beginning can cause trouble down the road.


Funny thing is…

they have a robot that is awesome now, and it is definitely not simple :slight_smile:

nice … i agree it is simple, yet effective, i tried making something similar to this and i couldn’t really get it to work that well, so i went back to linkages …