9378S States/Worlds Reveal

Hello, this is my teams vastly improved robot that we will be using at Cali state finals and hopefully at worlds.

-Drive now has 10 motors
-Improved chassis stability
-mesh and reinforcement in areas stars can get stuck

Because of these changes, now we can push stars under the fence with ease, push cubes under the fence by ourselves, and break the stars with less effort than before. Not to mention we are noticeably faster and can push dead robots out of the way for those times our partner dies on the field. Action vid coming soon.

EDIT: Apologies for the upside down pics, iPhones don’t have a very good sense of direction.

no more improvement pls

Mind sharing how did you manage to push the cubes under the fence easily?
Is there some sort of a device that will press the cubes down or it is just simply due to the design of the front plates?

That is definitely not legal.

I think it’s a joke.

I don’t know…


This… this is concerning. Glad you’re not in Idaho!

Its just the design of the front plates. We can get cubes completely in the neutral zone pretty easily, but it takes a while to push it completely under. Its not something we’re going to try in a match though, takes too much time.

chill, it was a joke.


I really like this bot. If you are feeling brave, you can use your last 2 motors to push your front plate outwards and inwards using rails and racks and pinions. This helps a bit with the cubes. It also serves as a nice defense in that it keeps teams away from the fence. Either way, great bot. Hopefully you make it to worlds.

I think pneumatics would be a bit more efficient since they’re mainly focusing on stars

This seems pretty scary. I’m almost too scared to watch the video. I would use the last two motors as either a hang or a way to flip alliances upright if they flip over in the first place.

@815J I’ve been doing this program for 3 years now, and pneumatics still scares me lol. I didnt really think of pneumatics for the front plate extension, but I do see that working :slight_smile:

Good idea, I never really thought of a good use for those last 2 motors. I’m not really sure what a good design for getting alliances back on their wheels would be though.

honestly a simple lever would do well to lift up other teams

Two motor blocker and knocker. Basically, reaches 4-5 inches above the tall fence and can knock stars over. When you have pushed the stars to the other side of the fence and knocked all the stars off of the top of the fence, you could use it to block dumps from claw boots… :slight_smile: Right now your competition is claw bots, and claw bots release all their objects at once, so if you make a successful blocker then the cubes and stars that a claw bot tries to get over will fall back to their own side. It could actually give your partner a decent advantage.

How heavy are you? Could you consider being a pushbot that hangs?

Our pushbot doesn’t suck that bad. Check out the video here

If you use pneumatics for a plate extension, I would recommend considering a torque-speed transmission on your drivetrain to move around more quickly.

I’ll even design it for you in history class because of boredom

You have no need to. Many teams have done this before and it’s been well documented.