9421X Worlds 2019 Reveal

4 motor drive
1 motor lift
1 motor puncher
1 motor intake
1 motor puncher angler/parking brake


Nice robot! The NbN-esque skills run at the beginning almost made me choke on my tea…

If you haven’t already, make sure your license plates are compliant with the new rule <R20-e-i>, added in the recent game manual update:

If the plates are attached to opposite-color plates, the incorrect color must be covered, taped over, or otherwise obscured to ensure that the correct alliance color is abundantly clear to Head Referees during a Match.

Assuming you leave the red plates permanently attached and snap the blue plates over them when needed, some neutral-colored tape covering the back of the red plates is all you need to comply with this new rule.

Thanks! I wish we had time to pull the nets out of the basement to make it a little more accurate :slight_smile:

We were just planning on taking off the license plates and attaching the other color since there is generally plenty of time in between matches at worlds.

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I absolutely love that brake that you included!