944A Bionic Bayhawks "Asgard" MK. III Reveal

True, but the actual lexan tray extends higher than a six bar would.

Everything looks solid. Intake and drivetrain is clean, lift ok. However, I don’t think you can hang with your current gear tower. You should have the torque, and i’m assuming with pneumatic pistons, it’ll be extremely easy to build a locking system.

However, with your current axle usage, I believe you’ll twist your axles when you try to hang. If you rely solely on a gear tower, you need thicker axles for stages higher than 5:1 torque, or you need to combine 36 and 60 tooth gears to avoid the structural ability of axles.

Either way though, it’s quite solid

Think about it a little more, it doesn’t. Again, the range of motion is identical. :slight_smile:

To actually take advantage of the potential extra height, the builder of the robot would need to raise the intake and the bars holding the intake (red and blue bars in pic), relative to the lift bars (green in pic).

Since a 6 bar’s lift arms couldn’t be driven as low as an 8 bar’s lift arms if these changes were made, you would get more height when fully raised. That way you would take advantage of the 8 bar design.:slight_smile:

Unless of course, the extra bars on the 8 bar are designed to be shields to keep the bucky balls from falling out. In that case, you are taking advantage of the 8 bar design in a different way.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that robot was really awesome, and we did take some ideas from the competition and put them in perspective but one of our biggest topics is pneumatics. As originally planned a pneumatic lock would be installed to high hang but it never functioned correctly. Our robot was incredibly light for the competition so we did have extra room for pneumatics but like i said we never used it.
But as previously mentioned, two tanks seems like a lot for just one stroke. And using a bit of tubing as a tank works perfectly fine as it was our original idea.

But if you’re a team like 5588 with a catapult in the back then yeah you need a lot of tanks but really the weight of your robot can decrease a lot

Honestly i really like your design and it is a great robot, i wish you the best of luck in your following competitions :cool:

Not sure why people keep referring to only one actuation being needed, when the OP stated from the outset;

So enough air pressure is required to:

  1. Deploy intake
  2. Have the option to hang lock in autonomous
  3. Have the option to hang unlock after autonomous
  4. Have the option to hang lock at end of match

A tank is 150 mL in volume. A 5 ft length of pneumatic tubing (2.4 mm ID) is 6.9 mL volume if my calcs are correct, so one tank is ~ 20 times the volume of one 5 ft length of tubing. I’m not sure how much the tubing may expand at 100 psi, maybe a little. I would think it would require quite a number (my guess, at least 5) lengths of tubing to be joined to store enough air to reliably carry out the four actions above.

Agreed that two tanks is overkill on air volume for this, but the tanks are also being used as counterweights for stability.

Also agreed that this is a great looking robot. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul

How high does your 8 bar reach? My robot design is overall very similar except I have a 6 bar capable of reaching 26".

I know, they used the 8-bar on my team’s robot for reference which reaches to just over 30" from the front of the tray. Each of our links add 3.5" to the overall height if I remember correctly. However, JoeTPR is right in saying that the arm could just as easily be a 6-bar and get the same height, so 944A’s arm probably gets about the same height as yours, 26". From what I can gather, the reason they mounted the tray like that is because they finished the 8-bar lift the day before the competition and they had issues fitting the intake feeders in. With the limited time they had, they decided to just mount the feeder lower because it was the first fix that came to mind in the short amount of time available. The robot wasn’t ready to climb anyway, so they figured it didn’t really matter. But as I said, if you have this sort of 8-bar lift with the tray mounted at the bottom of the last bar, rather then below it, you should get about 30" of height.

What’s the use of having the extra 4" though? The goal is 24", so is being at 30 vs 26 really making a huge difference for all the work that it takes to build an 8-bar and the extra weight it adds to the robot?

If they ever add a hanging hook, then they will need those 4 inches.