9457B Robot Reveal


Nice, was the footage of it going into the 20 point zone an autonomous program? If so, that’s pretty good.

yes it was an autonomous scoring 22 points

Nice bot, but where’s the eggos, and does it get nosebleeds?

yes its quite a “strange” thing

What’s up with the long period of black at the end of the video though?

What program do you use for your robot

Why is it a fall reveal it was more of an early winter

Technically winter doesn’t start until Dec 21st…

It’s winter when you have snow that doesn’t melt as soon as it touches the ground. We have about a 1 inch tall already

Robot C

This was posted mid- November

Youtube editor is trash

Ah, I was expecting some surprise clip at the end and then got dissapointed

Just a suggestion, I see that your robot overshoots when turning to score a MG. Are you using encoders/gyros to turn using P control?

Yes we use encoders and gyros


I assume that your code for the turning is something like;


If so, try putting multiplying the (value-sensorvalue[gyro]) by something like 0.5. This should help it overshoot less.

Actually this robot did´t use a giro just regular old PID with optical encoders