9457B Winter Reveal

9457B is proud to present our winter robot reveal

-6 motor speed drive
-3 motor 1:15 turbo flywheel
-1 motor 1:2 turbo intake
-1 motor turbo indexer
-1 motor 5:1 speed lift

Feel free to ask any questions, this bot is fully dissembled and we are working hard to create a new v5 bot.

I like the passive cap flipper.

The passive flipper is really nice way to capitalize on stacked caps instead of just descoring and hoping it lands on your color. Just curious is it able to pick up caps on the ground to stack or does it just flip caps already stacked

We found that the time spent picking up a cap and scoring just simply isn’t worth it, so we chose to design it to just flip caps and not focus on picking them up.

Thank you! Definitely took a lot of time to perfect it.

What size sprocket do you use for the bottom roller of your intake?

24 Teeth i believe

Okay, thanks.

Dang it! You guys kind of beat me to the passive re-scorer thing! My design (not yet built, only imagined and drawn up) is slightly different. I’d be happy to share if you want to pm me, @Leifis .

Yeah I’d be glad to see that, I think any way to passively rescore a cap is pretty cool. In my eyes, caps should take up one motor(not including intake to flip) and this device gives us a pretty big advantage when facing cap bots