9457B Worlds Reveal

9457B is proud to present our worlds reveal

9457B Specs:
-4 motor 240rpm drivebase
-1 motor intake/index
-1 motor lift
-1 motor flywheel
-1 motor hood actuator
-Technology Division

9457W Specs:
-4 motor 200rpm drivebase
-1 motor intake
-1 motor index
-1 motor flywheel
-1 motor hood actuator
-Research Division

Goodluck to all teams at worlds!


Love the mechanisms. How long did it take you to get the cap flipper from concept to working design?

Also, how did the 4m mechanum end up working out for you against defensive drivers? I understand them to have a much lower experimental coefficient of friction on foam

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Thanks for the response.

The cap flipper was something that I had personally not seen anywhere, and I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to create the biggest swing points(regarding caps) with only one motor, this was the outcome. I did a fair bit of physical concepts, but I rarely sketched any of it. The whole cap mechanism took a little under a week during a break from school. I think it makes us unique so Iā€™m pretty happy with it.

Although the mecanum wheels have a lower coefficient of friction, the ability to drive in any direction to counteract this defensive play is actually quite reliable. Before switching to mecanum wheels, my team ran with the locked omni design to counteract the pushing from the sides and this worked well. However taking advantage of the hold function that the v5 has granted us, the mecanum wheels essentially allow us to resist being pushed from any direction.

Also the offensive advantages mecanum grants helps greatly when lining up shots and intaking balls. Personally I think v5 has made mecanum a very viable drive.