946R Tipping Point reveal + single cylinder MOGO mech videos

No teasers! No waiting! Just straight to the point lobsters!

To put many words simply, I really enjoyed this season, not necessarily because of the game, but because of the people we were surrounded by in Colorado for a season, along with Iowa for 3 days. It was good. We’ll be around for one more season. Thank you to all of those who were a part of this (especially the ones who put a lobsticker on their bot!), let’s do this one more time.

Now straight to the point!

Reveal :exclamation:Rapid image flashing halfway through :exclamation:

Single cylinder mogo mech video with really shaky camera work

Ofc I’ll answer any questions


robot specs? also why do you use traction wheels in the back versus Omnis?


4 motor 280rpm drive
2 motor 100 rpm lift
1 motor 100 rpm clamp
1 motor 600 rpm conveyer
1 double acting cylinder goal tilter

The traction over Omni question is more answered by just not putting too much attention into robotics this year. We chose a traction wheel at all because that’s just how I like driving, and we don’t like being pushed. There wasn’t much reason for the back over the front other than a nice back pivot to aim at goals. We chose rubber over Omni simply because we never found the time or effort to lock an Omni to make it a traction.

Hope that answers it, I kind of just woke up


Anyone else notice that at 1:16 the tall goal post is just laying there on the ground? I’d like to know what happened that match…


I have no idea what you’re talking about.


In the top video at the time 1:16 there is the tall goal post but no base I am just wondering what happened that match.

Haha I’m just messing with you. That was a tournament run by a rookie organization (same one that hosted the controversial state tournament).
The goals weren’t assembled great and it popped out during finals. Not match affecting, but it just wobble wobbled out


Looking forwards to more silliness and another great season!


One of the best reveals I have ever seen.