94999E Yokai - End of Team Recap


As the end of Change Up marks the end of our team as it has been for the past few seasons, we have decided to make an end of team recap video to celebrate. Our team has competed as team 95E in Turning Point and Tower Takeover, and as team 94999E in Change Up.

Feel free to ask questions about any of our robots! Here is a brief overview of each:

Turning Point Bot


This robot was our first built as our own team, as we had previously been members of team 95S. We opted for a single puncher, as well as a long, Change Up-esque indexer with a cap flipping roller in the front. This robot was very inconsistent, specifically the puncher, as running a one motor puncher with cortex and bad build quality was not a good idea. This robot as a whole was not built well at all.

Tower Takeover State Bot


This robot, like the Turning Point bot, was not built very well as well, but its performance was significantly better when compared to the previous season. This robot was the first from our organization to have a reveal, and did fairly well, all things considered, at the state championship. Although we did not qualify for worlds, this robot was what pushed us to work on improving our build quality in the next season.

Change Up Showcase Bot


This robot was built considerably better than either of the previous seasons, and performed considerably better as well. We opted for actuated intakes in the end, mainly just to try something new, otherwise, it’s a pretty standard design. If we had the time, we likely would have rebuilt to a standard 360 RPM tank drive robot, but this did not end up happening.

In addition, we are releasing our complete Change Up Google Photos album, which tracks our progress throughout the season.

Photos Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZYA2x4RBszWRNfEe9
End of Team Recap Link: https://youtu.be/UDPkMVXrvWA
Last Match as a Team: https://youtu.be/ankIlcwpmmU
Team Instagram: Team 94999E | 95E (@vex_94999e_95e) • Instagram photos and videos

Massive thank you to our coaches, parents, and all of the teams we have worked with over the past few years! Feel free to ask questions about any of our bots.



Your team’s Turning point robot makes a good example for this season for VexIq.

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