952C MS Worlds Reveal Turning Point

Hello, this is team 952C from MD.
This is our reveal,

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to ask any questions!!!
Opportunity Division


Congratulations on the job, it’s a great production!
Good luck in the world tournament!


Great job guys. The only problems I could find were a few cases of low structural integrity, but evidently it’s not impacting your performance at all. Cant wait to see you at worlds.

Question: does “8 distinct autons” reference each program you have, or each program for each side?

Because that made no sense; do you have 8 choices on either Alliance, (red vs. blue) or rather 4 choices per Alliance?

Sorry for the confusion, that meant 4 choices per alliance, or 2 per square


Great job on both the angle-change and your autons; good luck at Worlds!

Team 7830C
Opportunity Division