#9541...The Return of the Hammer

This is our current fire rate. We are not finished yet…long court coming soon…and more speed.

I’m impressed that you can feed something like a hammer that fast.

Is it a “double barrel” shooter? That’s the only way I can think that a puncher could shoot that fast.

Their slip gear hammer reveal much earlier in the season had a 5bps fire rate. It was just very difficult to load it thay fast.


No. It’s a single hammer intake fed, not hand loaded.

wow! that’s crazy, you must have some secret mechanism that like force loads it. Most gravity fed hammers couldn’t have the ball settle that fast.

It will start a discussion of the 3 ball possession rule.

I sure hope not, they haven’t been enforcing the 4 ball rule. We saw many teams carry and shoot 5 balls, but nobody said anything. The announcers were evening counting them over the PA system. Lol

One thing to note is that this is most likely short shots (seeing the angle of ascent), though when I saw then at regionals their robot was very impressive.

You are correct. This is from about four feet out. At regionals we had a transmission to switch from close up and full court, but we realized that there really isn’t that much need for a full court thru the intake, so we got rid of the transmission and switched to a six motor drive. We picked up the parts for the revised long court today.

Thanks…that means a lot to us coming from you all. Hopefully next year we can team up at a competition or two.