9551 Teams: Ultimate Battery Charging Station (Not yet built)

Hello forums; I’ve been away for a while due to a few reasons – one of which being the excitement over my new pet project: an upgraded charging station. You see, I built one two years ago that has held up phenomenally. It can hold 5 cortex batteries and 5 remote battery chargers, while using two power strips. However, as all of the 9551 teams have gotten power expanders recently, we need a little bit more. (while not using more than two outlets because that’s awkward at competitions)
I’ve taken it upon myself to design/build a station which can hold 10 cortex batteries, 5 remote chargers, and 5 USB devices. After some shopping, I’ve found this, which has 16 outlets and 6 USB charging ports. With the device set, I’ve decided on some of the desired features:
-Mounted on omni wheels with high strength shafts
-Handle at waist height
-Quick set/release mechanism/lip/whatever for cortex batteries. Essentially, take them out & put them in fast while being safe
-Possibly some fold out mechanisms or rail mounts for the remote batteries to keep everything compact during travel (and look cool)
-Integrated phone charging station/platform
-Maybe even some motors, an old cortex, and some sensors to intelligently assist movement
Most of this will be built out of VEX parts. (wood is available too but the VEX look is nice)

I want to know your guys’ takes on this project. Suggestions? Ideas? Words of warning? Thanks for any input.

I don’t know why you’re adamant about building from VEX parts if this is going to be very big. We have a small charging station made out of VEX parts, but it’s only a few steel C-channels. I’d use wood for a bigger project, otherwise it will be very heavy and expensive…

Perhaps adamant is too intense of a word. I’m far more experienced with VEX parts than I am with wood and VEX parts are faster to assemble and make look nice. Additionally, the old charger is built out of VEX parts already (as was the one before that) so reusing metal won’t cause any problems.