9551B robot reveal.

9551B robot reveal
4 motor speed drive 1:1
6 motor speed lift 1:7 (off set 4 bar)
2 motor claw 1:5 (Doesnt work because ports 1 and 10 on cortex dont work)

Anti tiping pegs(Need to be beefed up)

Claw flip out lock(works amazing)


Tell me what i can do better and maybe how not to use ports 1 and 10 to get my claw working. Thank you so much have a great day and happy news year.

I can’t view the video because it says the video is private

i fix that

It looks like your claw arms are really close together in the picture. I think having a wider claw would help a lot. Also, having some sort of tray on the bottom like 62 or 97919 will improve star capacity.

Thanks for the segestion

Wow you guys have been busy over the break! Glad to see our sister teams finally have something aside from a classic dumper. IIRC we should have every type of normal bot when we get back - dumper, pushbot, claw, siderollers, and totally useless.

Glad people found our videos useful :slight_smile: