9571 D&R Early Season Reveals

We wanted to show everyone our initial robots for the Nothing but Net Season. They ended up as the winning alliance an overall weaker tournament last weekend (38 point average). Here is our finals match one video from the event, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM3xY5e0fYg , we had R shoot full court and D run the field. We missed a lot of shots due to some robot related design decisions and a lack of time for programming testing. Hopefully we can get some design critique and advice to make our teams better or we hope to inspire others with similar designs.

D Specs: 4 HS Motor Dual-Omni Wheel “Flywheel” Shooter Geared at 16.33:1 Speed, 1 Turbo Motor Continuous Intake, and a 4 HS Motor X-Drive.

R Specs: 4 HS Motor 5" Wheel “Flywheel” Shooter Geared at 17.5:1 Speed, 1 Turbo Motor Human fed Intake, and a 4 HS Motor Tank Drive.

As always all questions and advice is welcome.

Those are both very impressive robots! Can the D robot shoot full courts?

Both robots are very neat!

Could you explain the reasoning behind using the sprocket and chain on 9571R? Pros/cons of using chain instead of gears?

From the pictures it looks like the ratios are more than enough for shooting full field, are you guys planning on changing your ratios or fixing the problem by slowing down the motors?

Very nice robots :slight_smile: I am interested as to why you are using the chain instead of just a typical gear setup? Did you find any major advantages etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Excited to see you guys with your robots further into the season :smiley:

How long is your shooter lasting on a battery pack? We have the exact gear ratio but different wheels but only lasts about 45 seconds… if that. BUT… if we don’t turn down the power it shoots across the room!

Thank you all for the nice comments. We have found no issue with the D robot and battery loss during a match, on testing it can run 7+ minuets without shooting. D can shoot full court but had to run the R robot had no pickup so we went with it doing full court and D playing the field. D typically made 15-20 out of the 32 preloads during the day due to our team forgetting half of our batteries at home (12 Total Batteries for 10 teams is not a good idea). As far as the R gearbox design we went with a base 7:1 gearing on hs motors and used multiple chain combinations for fast prototyping until we were happy with the shooter results. We have just kept the gearing combination event though we could more than likely run it with just chain or just sprockets. The shooter on R will also run for 7+ minuets without failing as well. As far as getting the R shooter more accurate we are working on velocity control with the IME’s right now and also redoing the intake for a better consistent loading. The end game right now for these two robots is to add a self lift on both of them by the end of the season along with better floor loading and shooting accuracy.

How did you survive, battery rations? :smiley:

Have you experienced any decreased performance using the chain setup (even though you are only using it for prototyping)?