9573A State Reveal

Hey! This is our bot we took to AZ State Championships earlier this month.

Our bot is currently going through redesign for worlds but any feedback would be great!

The two things I would say are to really widen your intake and speed up your drive base. Other than that, seems like a great robot! See you at worlds.


I seriously recommend not caring about putting caps on posts and move to a 6 or 8 motor HS drive. If you’ve watched any of the signature events or state tourneys you see A LOT of defense.


Yeah after a few competitions we realized scoring high caps really wasn’t worth the time. At ~1:20 in the video you can see we completely got rid of our upper lift and just added a faster low cap flipper

Very good. Is the drive 4 or 6 motor? And is it HS? It still looks slower than an HS would be.

Also you should bring extra cluster gears to Worlds in case they wear. Defense is hard the the tall gear.

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6 motor drive set to turbo for the torque. We are redesigning drive train to be smaller and faster. Speed was definitely our main issue at State

I dont know about you, but im pretty sure that’s not turbo.

That speed definitely doesn’t seem to be turbo. Turbo motors operate at 240 RPM optimal speed, so unless you’re gearing those down somewhere, there’s something either wrong with your motors or maybe you have too much load on them so they aren’t able to operate to their full power.

What do you mean by “turbo for the torque”?

MUCH MUCH FASTER Drive. If you are planning on sticking with cortex you probably should run a minimum of 6m of turbo on 4in wheels. Try to resist using chain (especially using 6t sprokets: alot of friction) to make your drive base. If you need a good example of a 8m turbo drive only using gears dm me. You cant beat V5 with torque so the only way is to outrun v5 bots and quickly score. Also and a much wider, bigger, and faster intake would help all aspects of the robot.

^while I agree with the faster drive, I had a 4 motor high speed drive with a steel chassis. I could push all kinds of robots around. I eventually switched to 6 motor, and it worked even better. V5 couldn’t push me, and neither could Cortex bots.