95E State Reveal

We at 95E are glad to present our 2020 State Reveal! Feel free to leave any feedback or ask any questions!


Nice robot! How successful has the stack falling into the robot been?

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X-drive OP
( 20 char)


It’s fairly consistent, given that we drive into it at a decent speed. Anything more than 7 falls out, but we only really anticipate wanting to get stacks or 4 or 5 this way.

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X-drive OP!
(20 char)


Very nice! proabaly the coolest x-drive I have seen this season

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X-drive OP!


Do your intakes flip out?

They flip down, pulled by rubber bands. They’re banded to fall when pushed by the tray tilting up.

I like the X-drive. How often will you actually use stacked cubes to score middle tower in match play or skills?

Definitely not in skills, I think stacking what we have in the tray as a third stack would net more points than another tower - don’t quote me though.

In matches, depending on the situation. If we’re hoarding cubes from the opponent, it may be a good last second move to increase a deficit between our scores. It needs 8 cubes to reach, which may be hard to come by at state. Very situational.

I legit thought they were bout to launch it from that far away at .47

this might not be so appropriate but QUEEN ROCKS!
great bot though i wonder why u chose x drive over mecanums

We chose the x drive because we preferred how the x drive drove, if that make sense, from our testing. We built both to test early season, and the x drive felt smoother to drive, in our opinion.


I Have one question.

how does the unfolding mechanism work?

To unfold, we push the tray forward to have the rollers, which are folded up on top of the folded tray, fall down. After, we lift the arms up to deploy the tray, which has about 20 rubber bands.

could you possibly show a video?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get a video until Saturday, since I don’t have the bot. I can try and get one at state

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which state r u guys

They are in Georgia.