9605A NBN Robot Reveal

9605A DCL Robot reveal
Video Link


6 motor-6 wheel direct driven high speed drive
Front and Back intake systems
3 motor slip gear hammer launcher
100% accuracy (when everything works properly)
24 balls in 16.5 seconds
And flight. We can fly across the field to avoid defensive strategies.

We are a freshmen team of 2 people, one who started in skyrise last year, and I a first year. We qualified for World’s but will not be attending. Questions, comments, and criticisms welcome.

What do you do to adjust for shots from different distances?

Our rubber bands are mounted on a linear slider that moves up and down to change how stretched the rubber bands are.

Just paste the link to the video, also nice robot and unique way to fire from different points of the field.

Thank you.

By their senior year, Expect DCL world champions. Trust me. Give theses boys a block of ice and they’ll sculpt you a robot.

Wow thanks. We hope to be that successful. Looking forward to next year.

Mainly money. We are soo, sooo lowly funded. Every piece we own is on this robot. Also, it just so happens that both myself and my partner already had vacation plans during worlds.

Nice robot, expect great things from you guys.
I’m not sure why my previous comment got deleted…

lmao same.
Good Job though, hope to see you at worlds next year!

Awesome robot!

Did you guys have any problems with your drive wheels not being supported on both sides? Our team tried that last year and we just got bent axle after bent axle.

Can you elaborate? I’m not quite sure what you mean. It was a little hard to get weight on all the wheels so they didn’t spin, but it wasn’t really an issue.

I believe what he means is the wheels being cantilevered. Instead of have the wheel in between 2 pieces of metal so the axle has support on both sides of the wheel, you only have one piece of metal on one side of the wheel and it is open on the other side.




Yeah I meant the wheel being cantilevered, it can bend the axle over time if you store it like that.

Oh ok. No, we haven’t had issues with that. Our robot is relatively light, like 14-15lbs, so it doesn’t really affect it too much. The only issues we’ve had with our drive are not all 6 wheels touching the ground because of weight distribution, too wide of a wheel base to climb ramps, and being pushed around sideways, which we countered by adding another “wheel” in the center of the robot. It’s actually a large sprocket gear with tank tread around it with rubber bands woven in.

It actually is 100% accuracy, though. We have had some reliability problems with the angler slider mechanism, which allows us to make shots from anywhere on the field.
See this video:

First ball misses because we forgot to change our shot distance.

The IME on the mechanism wasn’t very reliable.

We didn’t always line up as well as we did that time though. Often even if I did remember to change the distance, a shot or two might miss to the side. The mechanism wasn’t perfect because reliability is what really counts in competition.