9605A Worlds Reveal

Hi Forum!

9605A Down Cellar Laboratories is proud to present our 2016-2017 Worlds robot: Veyron.


  • 4 High Speed motor “Cellar” drive
  • 6 High Speed motor lift
  • 2 double-acting piston pneumatic claw

Earlier versions of our robot amassed 1 Tournament Champion award, 1 Excellence (idk how, we didn’t have a notebook) and #2 seed at Southern New England Regionals (11- 0 in qualifying)

I’d tell you what division we’re in, but well, you know…

Nice bot - the drive is called a drop center drive or a ‘west coast’ drive, a lot of FRC robots use it.

But it’s different. Normal drop centers don’t have powered smaller back omnis. And nobody does horrible crazy things like that so we get to call it whatever we want.