96498A - Mid-Season Reveal

On behalf of Team 96498A, I am proud to present you all with our first reveal video!

If anybody has any questions or positive comments about either the reveal or our robot, please feel free to ask.

I like the 8 bar. Was there any talk of expanding to a 10 bar just for fun?

Very nice robot. Was that a cup holder I saw?

Oyes it was :slight_smile:

Probably not, we are rebuilding atm so anything is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case, have you discussed a DR4B? What made you decide against it?

Ref: Why is there water on the field?
Team: Oh, we forgot to remove the water bottle


We originally had a really solid and large dr4b, we initially removed it due to a lack of parts, and perhaps after our rebuild we might do another when our next shipment comes in. It works rn so no point fixing it if it’s not causing any issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously sometimes I wish this happened. The cup holder is also the perfect size to put speakers in to earblast music on the practice fields.